Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Recently I celebrated another year of my life turn into past tense. Fortunately, I find my life pretty awesome these days, so I could pass the day with a smile on my face.

On the occasion we met with friends to have a tasty diner, few drinks, and whole evening of chatting.

We visited two places which surely deserve post on their own. And it will come. But it was my birthday, we focused on enjoying ourselves and spending time with friends so let's leave the reviews for next time.

What I absolutely have to share with you already now, is the party we went to afterwards - Bulex!

I think Chris started talking about Bulex on our first date, and he never really stopped. Great parties, unique locations, funky music. It was the ultimate party, at least so it appeared in my imagination. And there was always a reason why I couldn't go and see for myself. One being, they had a long break in throwing those parties, then the holidays, then pregnancy. You can imagine how thrilled I was to finally go and see - and how scared I was to have my expectations growing out of control.

So after having a diner and few drinks, our friends decide to go home, and we turned on our night owls mode and seeked a party. Like the old days. We arrived at the address, in front of the fancy entrance of the Marivaux hotel, and looked around, but there was no party there. We were pointed to go around, to the street Saint-Pierre. And there - the party was everywhere!

There was a bit of queue to get in. But who cares, when you have a wind orchestra playing in the street and people are having fun! Bulex took over the backstreet completely. 

The idea of Bulex was to have parties for everyone, no selection. The parties are thrown in unusual places in Brussels, abandoned buildings, old stadiums etc. For some time Bulex was travelling around, for some time it had its permanent location, then for some time it was gone. Now it's back. At the ancient cinema Marivaux (I do believe it's a permanent location for the parties, at least for some time).

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The cinema, as you can see, is abandoned. I am surprised it is even allowed to get people in (but i wouldn't be surprised, if it really wasn't). What is interesting, the cinema itself is a protected monument of Brussels! Build in 1924 by the company PATHE, it was designed in Art Deco style and could seat 1500 people.

In the 60s the place was renovated and lots it balconies, gaining two additional rooms.

In the year 1991, due to Kinepolis setting in place, PATHE decided to quit its business in Belgium and left the building abandoned. There's been plan to restore it, which was supposed to be started in 2000, but as we can see - it never really happened.

Now the building lost most of its glory. And it's a great place for a party with an underground feeling.

There was main stage playing music called "Gypsy electro". And was really that. Play the song Kalashnikov over and over again with added beat, and you will get the feeling. It was fun though, and I much more prefer it to pure dance/electro whatever else. Gypsy, oldschool, kitch parties - rings my bell.

There was a smaller stage playing some other kind of music. We didn't stay long there, so i don't know. But there's choice - so it's nice. Of course there are bars organized to get some drinks, but strangely, we didn't get anything. I guess we're officially old.

About that. It's a great party. Before our lives changed we would probably stay until we could feel the morning breeze on our faces as we go back home. But we didn't. We had to drive home, so we couldn't drink (at least one of us, and alone it's not fun). We had to get up in the morning, and be responsible and everything. We also don't care about picking up people of different (or the same, whatever rings your bell) sex  And I am not saying parties are all about drinking and flirting.... Somehow still, bouncing on the old cinema rows, I felt like I don't fit there that well any more.

We moved a bit, shot some photos and set direction home. We're a bit more household animals these days. 

I still recommend that party for anyone who looks for something else. Something different. Party with no selection, where everyone is having fun together. Party where you can wear your favourite party dress, you can go in jeans and sneakers, or you can wear a bunny costume. And just have fun!

Check out Bulex website and, if you want to know about next party, like them on their Facebook page. To all the night owls out there - live long and prosper! And have a drink sometimes to your old comrades who retired to a family life :)

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